Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand
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    Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand | SinCity Casino
    The rules of Premier Blackjack multi-hand game are extremely liberal and easy to follow, and mastering it is a quite simple task.
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    Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand review


    Microgaming’s Premier Blackjack is a multi-hand game that offers a player with the finest graphics, enhanced animation and sound, along with an elaborate selection of features that include, auto rebet, turbo play, customized card and table skins, and strategy display. This game is played with two regular decks of 52 playing cards. Since it is a multi-hand blackjack game, a player can play five hands simultaneously. The Premier Blackjack game follows standard European Blackjack rules and can be played in the expert mode. The aim of this game like any blackjack game is to beat the dealer’s hand by either having a higher value hand or by the dealer’s hand getting busted. Take your chances at winning by playing this new series of Premier Blackjack.

    Before You Proceed

    The Premier Blackjack provides a player with a choice to stake the wager, but the minimum permitted wager is 1.00. This game can be played in expert mode which provides an auto play feature along with a turbo feature that allows a player to speed up the game. A strategy card is made available for the player which can be used to customize personal settings of the game. The software of the game applies the strategy chosen by the player when the game is put in auto play mode. In this mode each of the player’s hand is logged and the player can later review and monitor the statistics in real time and trace the play.

    Game Basics

    The Premier Blackjack multi-hand game is played with two decks of 52 cards. The player is required to Beat the Dealer by getting a high value hand that does not exceed a total of 21. The player can also win the game if the dealer’s hand becomes bust. The dealer is forced to stand on all hands of 17 or above. Like in all other blackjack games, the blackjack beats any 21 value hand. If a player gets a pair of Aces and chooses to split them, and then is dealt with a 10 value card; it will not be considered as Blackjack, but a standard 21. A player needs to consider this before splitting the aces. A player is allowed to split only once in order to make two hands. In Premier Blackjack multi-hand game, if a player doubles the bet, it is very much equivalent to the initial bet. A player is not permitted to double down a bet after a split. However, he is offered with one exception of doubling down the bet when splitting aces. But, once the hand is split, the player is not entitled to receive a blackjack. A payout of 3:2 is awarded on winning a blackjack hand containing an Ace and any of the 10 valued cards. A payout of 2:1 is awarded on winning an insurance bet.

    The Verdict

    The rules of Premier Blackjack multi-hand game are extremely liberal and easy to follow, and mastering it is a quite simple task. This game is addictive, interesting and it brings out the best in all the calculative minds.

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