Blackjack Vegas Strip Single Deck
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    Blackjack Vegas Strip Single Deck | SinCity Casino
    Online blackjack is probably the most popular and famous card game. Play blackjack online simplicity and dynamics are what make its grow steadily.
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    review of Blackjack Vegas Strip Single Deck

    Online blackjack is probably the most popular and famous online card game. Its simplicity and dynamics have made its army of fans grow steadily for many decades. Today it is almost impossible to tell the time and the place blackjack were developed. Some people say it is a European game, some are sure that it is of American origin. They also say, there were some medieval games that blackjack is based on. Anyway, its name and increased popularity are due to the American casinos of the 18th century, which promoted the game by temporary increased payments of 10:1 for an initial combination called blackjack: an ace and a blackjack (a jack of clubs or spades).Play blackjack online and get everything it could offer you.

    Today it is a matter of courtesy among world's best online casinos, to have blackjack basic strategy in their collection. Our casino have decided not to change this rule and we offer two kinds of the game. One of them is Blackjack Vegas Strip.

    In this variation of the game, general blackjack rules applied, as well as some specific blackjack tips.

    The player always plays against the casino represented by the blackjack game dealer. After placing the bet, the player and the dealer receive two cards each. The dealer's first card is open to the player, and the second remains hidden until the player stops taking more cards. Then the player must decide whether he will take more cards or stop (pass). After dealing the first pair of cards, player has two options: refuse to continue the game (and have half of his bet returned), double the bet and take one more card (in the case that his initial hand is worth 10 or 11 points). To split the pair into two hands adding a bet for the second hand (in the case that the first two cards are of the same rank). You could only split the pair once in an online blackjack or usual one. Besides, after splitting additional rules are applied: firstly, you can't double the bet, secondly, if you get a blackjack, it will be valued as if it were a normal 21-point hand.

    Cards also scored according to standard rules. Cards from 2 to 9 have the same rank as indicated on the card, ten, jack, queen and king are worth 10 points, and ace - 1 or 11 points. Only one 52-card deck is used in Blackjack Vegas Strip.

    At the end of the game, the winner is the one who gets 21 points or is the closest to this value as well in play blackjack online and in usual game. In the case that the sum of points is more than 21, you lose. If the dealer and the player have the same number of points, it is a tie. A blackjack (an ace plus any 10-point card) is a priority combination and always beats any other 21-point combination. Besides, you get the maximum reward for a blackjack, a 3:2 payment. During the game use a blackjack strategy, the dealer only stops with "hard" 17 points (if there is a 1-point ace in the hand). In all other cases with 17 points, the dealer has to take more cards. You can also choose an insurance bet if the dealer's first card is an ace. In this case, you will offer to "insure" yourself against the possibility of the dealer getting a blackjack. For that, you need to place half the current bet. If the dealer does get a blackjack, you lose the main bet, but you would need to pay the insurance at a rate of 2:1.

    Playing Blackjack Vegas Strip is easy even for beginners, blackjack game it is a solution for the freshmens. Professionals will find something special for themselves in this game, as well. The dynamics of blackjack and the excitement of playing this fascinating game will be equally enjoyable for any player.

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