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    The Chinese Roulette brings the classical experience of European Roulette to Asia by replacing the numbers with Chinese Year symbols.
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    The Chinese Roulette brings the classical experience of European Roulette to Asia by replacing the numbers with Chinese Year symbols. It offers a unique experience for all Asian players and is also known to boast of a magnificent betting range and far greater payouts. The main goal for players is to to determine where the ball shall land on the wheel and place their bets accordingly. They are allowed to place single or multiple bets. When the ball lands on a particular Chinese sign and players have bet on that sign, they are offered payouts according to the projected winnings that are mentioned in the pay table.

    Before you proceed

    Some of the main features of the Chinese Roulette are a Chinese themed roulette experience, the Clear any single bet function and a unique roulette board. The minimum bids have been set at $0.25 and the maximum bids can go up to a whopping $1 250. The maximum winnings per spin have also been increased to $50 000 and the game still offers an RTP of 97.3%. The increments in the maximum bets and winnings makes the game even more interesting for players and promises much higher payouts and much better excitement levels.

    Game Basics

    The 8 chips displayed on the right of the Symbol Board are the bets which are available to the players. The elevated chip shows the present chip value. Players can change the chip values by clicking on another chip. Once the value has been set, players can place their bets on the Symbol Board. In order to place their bets, players need to choose their preferred selections on the Symbol Board and click on them. To add multiple bets or increase the value of single bets, players need to click continuously. As they keep clicking, more chips keep getting added to the selected bets. In order to remove or reduce their bets, one needs to click on the Clear Single Bet button or the Clear All Bets button, as the case may be. There are different types of bets which can be placed in Roulette and each bet has different odds and different payouts. For more information on the payouts of the different types of bets, players can check out the pay table. All bets in Chinese Roulette fall under Inside Bets or Outside Bets. Inside bets cover specific symbols or symbols which lie adjacent to them on the Symbol Board. The outside bets allow players to cover an entire range of results or a vast category of symbols. However, as may be expected, the outside bets have lower payouts.

    The Verdict

    The Chinese Roulette adds the excitement of the classic roulette game to the culture of China. With a gameplay that is similar to all other roulette games and a payout which is far better than all other games, the Chinese Roulette has fast become one of the most popular online roulette games in the world.

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