Premier Roulette Diamond Edition
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Premier Roulette Diamond Edition | SinCity Casino
Roulette is one of the popular favorites among casino players and Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is the perfect example of a good roulette game.
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Premier Roulette Diamond Edition review

Roulette is one of the popular favorites among casino players and Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is the perfect example of a good roulette game. With life like graphics, features, and sound effects, this game gives you the feel of a land based casino! Premier Roulette Diamond Edition also has many great features that will ensure that you have the maximum chances to win!

Before You Proceed

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is a multiplayer game which lets you compete with several other casino players. Following the general roulette pattern, you need to place a bet first in order to accelerate the game. Players need to choose the chip category placed at the bottom of the screen in different sizes and colors. After players have placed their bets by selecting their chip size, they can start selecting colors and numbers that would like to place their stake on the numbers and colors present on the green area of the roulette table. The bets of this game include bets on red and black colors, row bets, even number and odd number bets, and straight number bets. The best part of the game is that players can choose between different color tables to make their game play even more interesting. The straight number bet which gives players a high payout on low betting amounts which pays players 1-36. The main advantage of this game is the ease it exudes, which makes it extremely easy for players to start winning. An alluring feature of this game is that it makes use of the 3D technology which gives the game a user friendly atmosphere.

Playing the Game

After the wagers are made, players can start playing by spinning the wheel. The wheel then starts to spin on the outer edge of the wheel, and it gradually comes to a stop when it lands on a number which is then declared a winning number. If players have been lucky enough to have bet on the same number or color, then they will get rewarded for the same instantly. The game also has a history section that will indicate what kinds of bets have been placed by players so far so that you can know your winning odds.

Betting Differences

The most unique features of this game is its color changing roulette board and a distinguished betting system which excludes even money bets on the Diamond Roulette Board. You can place several kinds of bets including split call, square bets, street bets etc.

The best about Premier Roulette Diamond Edition:

  • Zoom in and Zoom Out Features;
  • Auto play Mode;
  • Different Betting Types;
  • An Advanced Call Bet Button;
  • Land Based Casino Experience;
  • Gaming Statistic Charts.


We must say that Premier Roulette Diamond edition is a fun to play form of the traditional European roulette. Set up in an attractive atmosphere, this game offers long hours of addictive game play which makes you feel like you are playing in a land based casino.

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