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    Alaxe in Zombieland
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    Alaxe in Zombieland | SinCity Casino
    Alaxe in Zombieland is essentially quite similar to your childhood fantasy with a slight difference. Yes, you guessed it right.
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    review of Slot Machine Alaxe in Zombieland


    Remember reading Alice in Wonderland as a child? As embarrassing as they sound now, the story of a naughty and disobedient girl who embarks on a magnificent adventure was one of the most exciting stories that you must have come across during your childhood.

    Alaxe in Zombieland is essentially quite similar to your childhood fantasy with a slight difference. Yes, you guessed it right. The difference is that all your fairytale characters and angels have been transferred into Zombieland and have been converted into zombies. This 5 reel, 25 pay line slot game is one of the most exciting slot games available on the internet. The entire action takes place in the dead of a night at a cemetery. The slots have also been spiced up with a wild symbol and bonus rounds to make the adventure even more realistic and extremely thrilling.

    Before you proceed

    The wild symbol is portrayed as the ping brain. This brain has the ability to substitute for any other symbol on the slot to help you boost your chances of winning. The fact that there are three scatters present also boosts your chances of winning.

    Special Features

    The most prominent features of Alaxe in Zombieland are the three scatters.

    • The first scatter is found in the form of a rabbit’s watch. The Bonus Round that follows allows you to select any one of the scatters to reveal the number of teapots. Each teapot is unique and offers you with multipliers or free spins.
    • The second scatter is found in the form of a golden key. The Red Queen Adventure round that follows is a multi stage feature which shows you 5 tombstones (each having a particular value) with 5 roses on each of them. You simply need to pick the roses on top of each tombstone to reveal the prizes hidden within them. If the prizes exceed the value of the tombstone, you are allowed to proceed to the next rose. If you successfully manage to exceed the values of all 5 of the tombstones, you can also proceed to an escape level which hides the Red Queen or a multiplier.
    • The third scatter starts a bonus round which offers yoru character with gravestones that needs to be chopped in order to claim the prizes.

    The Verdict

    Alaxe in Zombieland offers unique gameplan and an exciting theme. By “zombifying” the characters and surroundings, it brings about a unique aura of mystery and adventure which makes gameplay far more exciting. The presence of features such as wild symbols and scatters make gameplay extremely exciting and offer users with a lot more to do than click on a simple slot machine.

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