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    Aces and Faces | SinCity Casino
    Casino poker games are well known and all of them are great, the poker casino games are attractive and allow you to win much money in a couple of hours.
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    Rules of Video Poker Aces and Faces

    Aces and Faces is a known and popular video poker machine among casino poker games. We decided to offer you our version of this original game, which skillfully combines the typical elements of poker and slots. Aces and Faces provides excellent entertainment for all lovers of quality gambling. The goal is to collect winning combinations, most of which are taken from poker. The name Aces and Faces is a result of some payout table's unique features. In this video poker game – increased payment is provided for a combination of the 4 aces and 4 faces (4 jacks, 4 queens and 4 kings).

    The game is fast and instantly grabs your attention. First, the player must choose the denomination of the coin and the number of coins to bet on each hand. Maximum experience and maximum wins gained, when playing multiple hands at once. Here you can choose to play from 1 to 25 hands simultaneously, and this is a great opportunity among poker casino games.

    After starting, the game 5 random cards appear on the screen. Carefully evaluate the cards and try to guess which of them can produce a winning combination after replacing the rest. Then mark the ones you want to keep. Unmarked cards is going to be replaced in the second round of the game. The essence of the game is similar to some types of poker with one exchange.

    When you play several hands, the 'held' cards are the same in each hand, and the replaced ones are completely different. This greatly increases the chances of winning multiple combinations as a result of one game.

    After the game, you will see which hands won, and you may calculate total of your winnings in a casino games poker. Furthermore, you can collect or try to double the amount in a risky game, if, of course, you are sure of your luck. You will need to randomly select one of the 4 cards. To double the winnings, the card you chose must be higher in rank than the dealer’s first (initially open) card. If you are lucky, your winnings for the last game will be double. You will be able to continue and make another four attempts to double the amount received (until you reach the limit of $500). Please note, if your card is lower than the dealer's cards by rank, you lose the winnings. In the case of a draw, your winnings will be returned and would not be doubled. You can also put on bet only half of your winnings from the last game. It will be less risky, but also less profitable if you win.

    In Aces and Faces, this is a kind of standard poker win combinations, and unique to video poker between the well-known casino poker games online.

    Such combinations are (in ascending order of payment):

    • Jacks or better. A pair of identical cards, ranking higher than jacks. A pair lower than jacks is not considered a winner.
    • Two pairs. The combination consists of two cards of one rank and two cards of another.
    • Three of a kind. Consists of three cards of the same rank.
    • Straight - Five cards in sequence of rank and different in suit. For example, 7, 8, 9, 10, J.
    • Flush. Also consists of five cards, but for this combination all the cards have to be of the same suit. Cards must be inconsistent in rank.
    • Full House. The combination consists of three cards of one rank and two cards of another and this is another great combination in poker casino games.
    • Four Tens and lower. A special combination typical of video poker, consisting of four cards of the same rank, but lower than 10. This category includes all combinations of 4 identical cards from two to ten.
    • Four Faces. This combination is like a poker four of the kind, consisting of four identical cards ranking from jacks to kings.
    • Straight Flush. Consists of cards of the same suit in sequence with the king as the highest in rank.
    • Four Aces. One of the highest-paid game combinations, consisting of four aces.
    • Royal Flush. The combination with the maximum payout at Aces and Faces, consisting of cards of the same suit in a sequence from 10s to aces.

    Fruit poker is a vivid dynamic game with many chances to win. If you used to play card games online, roulette or slot machines, try something new today and do not miss the Aces and Faces Video Poker. Perhaps it will be the game that brings you good luck and welcome winnings!

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