Turbo 90 City Video-Bingo
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    Turbo 90 City Video-Bingo | SinCity Casino
    Turbo 90 City Video Bingo is a colorful and vibrant 90 ball bingo game that offers reasonably priced number cards, good payouts and a grand jackpot prize!
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    Turbo 90 City Video Bingo Game Review


    Turbo 90 City Video Bingo is a colorful and vibrant 90 ball bingo game that offers reasonably priced number cards, good payouts and a grand jackpot prize! The objective of the game is to match numbers mentioned on the balls that appear on your screen with the given bingo cards. The main highlight of this bingo game from RCT Gaming is that as you can gradually increase your bet size, which makes the chance of winning bigger amounts increase. You can watch the anticipated prize amount increase on the topmost center of your screen. The game offers 1 to 4 cards to play with and you can even change your cards to bring up your lucky numbers before you begin.

    Before You Proceed

    As mentioned earlier, this bingo game gives you the option to play with a maximum of 4 cards and 15 numbers. You need to match these numbers with the 33 colorful balls that are drawn on the game screen. The wager amounts start as low as 25 cents and you can bet up to 10 coins for every card. You can also purchase a maximum of 3 extra balls to complete your winning combinations.

    Game Buttons

    Play: The play button starts the game and the balls start to pour in once you click it.

    Velocity: This button controls the game speed.

    Bet: The Plus or minus signs on the game are there to allow you to increase or decrease your bets.

    Cards: Clicking on this button changes the card type and provides you with a new set of cards.

    Game Modes: Turbo 90 City comprises of two modes, the Turbo and the Auto mode.

    How to Play

    In order to play the game, you need to start wagering by loading credits through the "Insert Credit" tab. You then need to place your bets by selecting the wager size. After you set the betting amount, you need to press the Play button. By doing so, you will be able to see 33 colorful balls as they appear into the slot located on top of your game screen. Once these balls stop rolling in, the matching numbers will be marked to indicate the rewards that you have won!


    The payouts are well explained in the table located on the top center of the game screen. You can view payout amounts for different combos including Bingo, Jackpot , 2 lines , lines and four corners. The jackpot can be hit when you have played till level three and you have been successful in matching at least 30 numbers with one out of the four cards present. The most interesting factor is that this game offers a cumulative jackpot that increases according to the number of players playing in the game. 1% of the bet value is added to the jackpot and the minimum and maximum value for the same are 1000 and 5000 respectively.


    Turbo 90 City is yet another interesting bingo variant from RCT games. The simplicity and riches exuded by this bingo game will surely keep you glued for hours at a stretch!

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