Art Bandits slot review

In the Art Bandits slot, you will meet brave and uncompromising art connoisseurs. However, their way of appreciating beauty is quite special; they only visit museums to "borrow" famous paintings. If a generous client hires them though, he or she can be sure to get the painting they want, even if it is in the most well-guarded of museums; any security system is a piece of cake for these cunning thieves.

Can you afford a little adventure? Then you can temporarily join the gang of professionals by playing Art Bandits. The game’s action takes place no less than in the very heart of Paris, in the legendary Louvre museum. Its extraordinary bonus game will teach you the ins and outs of this difficult job: you will have to carry out your first order and steal a painting. Your skills and virtuous intuition will help you get an impressive reward.

The Art Bandits game consists of 5 reels and 15 lines supplied by the developers for a quality and interesting game. Excellent graphics and an original plot will let you enjoy playing as much as possible, and as many as 5 special symbols and other surprises will make your trip along art galleries both educating and profitable. Among the symbols you will find the three museum thieves (Rabbit, Fox and Raccoon), an image of the Louvre, as well as the museum security, Koala the Client, stolen paintings etc.

As Wilds, we have the three images of the Art Bandits who have sneaked into the Louvre looking for the painting they have been ordered to steal. The artful thieves are very close to each other, so they are even inseparable on the reels. Their images are on each reel, but they are depicted together one above another. Traditionally, these Wilds are temporary "replacements" of all other symbols to create a winning combination (except for Scatter and Bonus).

The Scatter symbol is the bold Art Bandits’ black business card with their name and logo. This symbol is destined to increase your reward. If you get 3 or more Scatter symbols, your reward can be increased from 5 up to 200 times.

Another special symbol is the Bonus symbol with an image of the Louvre. It is worth waiting for this one more than the others, because 3 or more of these images of the museum open the door to a bonus game with free spins. Here you will have to join the top three professional robbers, who are ready to go on their next case in the art gallery. First of all, you will have to choose one of three ways to neutralize security: an ice bomb, a stun bomb or a gas bomb. Then you will have to choose the room from which the painting is going to be stolen. Then, Raccoon will help you pass the coded door, and Rabbit will steal the painting you pick. And here comes the most interesting part of it: a round of free spins (initially, you get 15 spins with 1 as multiplier). During this round, you have additional special symbols. The Museum bonus symbol anywhere on the slot gives you another free spin, freezing the current amount of remaining spins. The winning combination with 1 or more images of a stolen painting will increase your multiplier by 1. And these symbols can appear on the reels over and over again, which can give you over 20 spins in the end, with a very profitable multiplier. Moreover, you only gather multipliers during spins. They will only work after the end of the free game, increasing the total reward. At the end of the bonus game, you and your new friends, the Art Bandits, will go to a cozy cafe in Paris to meet Koala the Dealer, who will give you the reward.

Traditionally, after each winning spin, you can play the Risk Game, putting at stake the reward you just got. If you press the Gamble button and guess right the color of the closed card, you will be able to double your profit.

The Art Bandits slot machine offers the thrills of adventure in the very heart of Paris with amusing and friendly animal gangsters, the Art Bandits. They know how to "appreciate" art, and they surely will give you a hint, which painting to take from the Louvre to get a bigger reward.