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The Sharp Shooter game is a brand new game which offers players with the traditional casino feel and keeps things simple.
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The Sharp Shooter game is a brand new game which offers players with the traditional casino feel and keeps things simple. It offers players with exciting gameplay and regular wins to ensure that the game never dwindles in popularity and the popular beat the house concept further helps its cause. The game offers players with three chances of beating down the target set by the house. If players are successful in beating the house, they are in for huge rewards and exciting payouts. If dice is your thing, then it cannot get much better than the Sharp Shooter.

Before you proceed

The Sharp Shooter is yet another game that is only offered by 1x2 Gaming and cannot be found on any other platform. It boasts of a roll timer function and offers players with a brand new casino suite. The minimum bets have been set at $0.01 and the maximum bets can go up to $200. The maximum winnings have been set at $1 600 and the game offers an RTP of 95.68%.

Game Basics

The concept of the game is actually quite simple. The game begins with players placing a bet and the dealer throwing a set of three dice to set the target. The players are then offered with three chances to roll the dice and shoot down the target. This essentially means that the players need to match the numbers set by the dealer within their allotted chances to win the game. For example, the dealer sets a target of 1, 4 and 5. If players get a 2, 4, and 6 in their first throw, they manage to eliminate one of the dice thrown by the dealer. If they get a 1, 3 ans 5 in their second throw, they eliminate the remaining two dice and win the game. To make things even more interesting, the game offers different odds for different stages. If players eliminate all three dice on the first roll itself, they are offered with a payout of 8:1. If they eliminate the dice on the second roll, they get a payout of 7:5. However, if they take all three rolls to eliminate the dealer, they are offered a payout of just 1:2. If they do not manage to eliminate all three dice, the dealer wins and the bets are forfeited.

The Verdict

If a dice game is what you are looking for, then things don’t get any better than the Sharp Shooter. The game also offers a Rebet and a Rebetx2 function to make the gameplay faster and to allow players to have a faster shot at the dealers. Moreover, it also includes a 5 second timer for players to make their decisions on whether to Roll or to Fold. This ensures that there is no time to waste and that the gameplay remains crisp and fast as always.

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