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    Lucha Extreme
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    Lucha Extreme | SinCity Casino
    In the Lucha Extreme slot machine you will meet courageous fighters and colorful fighters of the world famous Lucha Libre wrestling.
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    In the Lucha Extreme slot machine you will meet courageous fighters and colorful fighters of the world famous Lucha Libre wrestling. This type of staged fighting is very popular in Mexico and the United States, and in recent years has aroused a clear interest among Europeans. Lucha Libre is vivid and exciting action, combining great skill and an extreme wrestling performance. Incredible jumps, bumps, grabs and flips - everything is masterfully executed by Luchadores during the fight, and the audience watch with bated breath for each movement of the heroes of the battle.

    The main difference between Lucha Libre wrestling and other kinds of wrestling is the fighters having a special colored mask covering the whole head. Such a mask is a source of the Luchador's pride, and losing it while fighting is shameful for a fighter. In addition, only in Lucha Libre can you see the most dangerous jumping and other extreme maneuvers performed from a height.

    In Lucha Extreme slot machine you will find fascinating action with unique style, clear and bright graphics, original characters, bonus features and free spins.

    Battles in the style of Lucha Extreme will be held within the 5 reels and 20 pay-lines of the slot. On the symbols you'll see four Lucha Libre fighters (El Diablo, Fantasma, Comodin and Gladiator), as well as other constant attributes of the struggle: the arena with an alarm bell, champions' belts and, of course, the masks. As usual, the special characters will bring special winning opportunities. By getting the right combination, you get access to the unusual bonus game and free spins with The Challenge Extra Feature.

    In the Lucha Extreme wrestling spectacle, there are two Wild characters at once - the images of Fantasma and El Diablo. Their task is to replace any characters to produce the best possible winning combinations (except the sign Belt of Champions). Each of the characters acts as a Wild only when it appears combined on one of the reels (i.e stacked on all reels). In addition, these two masters of Lucha Libre participate in a special combination that a player has to get to get into The Spectacle Bonus Feature. To start the game, the Super Symbols Fantasma and El Diablo must appear united in front of each other - on the second and fourth drums. The bonus game will show which of the players is stronger. You have to choose the blows for the fighter who plays on your side. By clicking on the corresponding card, you can choose a strike, throw or jump. Your task is to choose the two right techniques that will be advantageous. The match continues until 2 victory blows or 7 moves have been used. Moreover, you will be rewarded not only for the fight itself, but also with an additional prize for the way you had it. There are separate awards for a Clean Win (win in 2 turns), Long Match (lasting 5 or 6 turns) or the Epic Spectacle (if your game lasts up to 7 turns). In the bonus game you win or win!

    The second pair of fighters - Comodin and Gladiator - will help you get great free spins. The Free Spins feature Lucha de Apuesta The Challenge Extra Feature will be activated if the two super-symbols appear at the same time facing each other in the middle cell of the 1st and 5th reels. Moreover, during the same spin, the Belt of Champions must appear at any place on the third reel. Lucha de Apuesta is an additional match with bets that the Spanish call "apuestas". The Challenge Extra Feature you will choose a bet for your character (hair, mask or title), and get 5 to 20 free spins with a multiplier of 1 to 4 for your choice. The fighter, which appeared on the screen on the left, always fights for the player. After the start of the prize spins, all the combinations with participants of battle (Comodin and Gladiator) add 1 star to the account of each of them. At the end of the function these stars are counted, and the results of calculation can give additional winning.

    For the most daring fans of Lucha Extreme we have a Gamble game. Here you will be able to double the winnings for the last spin, if you can guess the color of the card suit. Remember though, that an error will make you lose your reward.

    In Lucha Extreme you will see an unforgettable performance of Lucha Libre professionals. Take part in fights, choose the correct techniques and victory will be yours!


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