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    Casino Hold'em Poker | SinCity Casino
    Online hold'em is a game known to almost every gambler. It is the most popular kind of hold'em rules all over the world.
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    Rules of Casino Hold'em Poker

    Online hold'em is a game well known almost by every casino fan. It is the most popular kind of poker all over the world. This fascinating card game was born in a small town in Texas (USA) at the beginning of the last century. Having gained popularity very quickly, Texas Hold’em became the most successful new game in Las Vegas casinos in the sixties and seventies and after it, became the most popular hold’em poker online. Today there is a special variation of the game in practically all virtual casinos with almost the same hold'em rules. Regular Hold'em means a game between several players, and the casino variation has a player against the casino (dealer). The main objective of the game is thus a little simplified: you only have one rival and have to get the best combination to win.

    The Texas hold'em always starts with the player's preliminary bets (ante). At this stage, you can bet that a pair of aces or a higher combination will win in this game. In hold’em poker online this bet will be paid even if the dealer gets this combination and the player loses the main bet. After placing the first bets, the player and the dealer get 2 'pocket' closed cards each. Another 3 cards are laid open on the table (this stage of the game is called Flop).

    Then the player decides if it is worth continuing the game with the cards they have got. After the flop, the player has two options:

    1) Continue the game - in this case, a sum for an additional bet will be charged, which is double the preliminary bet;

    2) Fold - the preliminary bet will be lost.

    If the player has decided to continue and placed an additional bet, the fourth (turn) and fifth (river) cards are placed in turn according to texas hold’em rules. These 5 open cards are community cards for the player and the dealer. To make a combination, you can use any 5 of the 7 cards in the current game: the 2 'pocket cards' (you are obliged to use at least one of them) and the 5 community cards.

    The winner is the one with the best combination. The game can also result in a draw – then the bets are returned as they were. In the case that the player wins, he will be paid depending on the combination rank according to the payment table.

    You need to know how to play texas hold’em to win.

    A standard 52-card deck is used for the game. You need to collect the following combinations to win (in ascending order of importance):

    • High Card in hold'em rules. Any combination of five cards that don't form any other combination. To win, you must have at least one card that is ranked higher than the others in your hand. It is the lowest combination and only wins in the absence of any other combination;
    • One Pair in Texas hold'em. Consists of two equal cards. A higher pair always beats a lower one. For example, a pair of Kings beats a pair of tens, etc;
    • Texas hold'em rules determine Two Pair as. Consists of two cards of a matching rank and two cards of different matching rank;
    • Three of a Kind. Consists of three equal cards and two additional cards that do not make up any combination;
    • Straight. Contains five cards of sequential rank in at least two different suits. Two straights are ranked by comparing the highest card of each. For example, a straight from 9 to king beats a straight from 5 to 9;
    • Flush. Contains five cards of the same suit but not in sequence;
    • Full House. Contains three cards of matching rank and two cards of another matching rank (suit doesn't matter);
    • Four of a Kind means four equal cards (e.g., four tens, four queens etc.);
    • Straight Flush. One of the two rarest and most valuable hands (payment 20:1). Contains 5 cards of the same suit in sequence;
    • Royal Flush. The rarest and highest hand with the most lavish payment in the game (100:1). Contains 5 cards of the same suit in sequence from 10 to ace;

    In an Online hold'em as well as in usual one the hands listed in ascending order according to how to play texas hold'em known rules. A higher hand always beats a lower one. For example, a Straight always beats Two Pairs, and four of a Kind beats a Straight, which is beaten by Straight Flush etc.

    Casino Hold'em is rightfully one of the visitors' favorite games. Do you want to know why? Do not hesitate to try it and feel the special magic of this kind of poker.

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