Online blackjack rules

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Blackjack is a real champion of popularity among casino card games; online blackjack bets the popularity each time. Vivid and fascinating game supposedly appeared in the 17th or 18th century. According to different versions, it was born in France or in the US, (no one knows exactly where). Many historians maintain that blackjack is a descendant of the ancient French game 'Twenty-one', the rules and main objective of which are very much like its modern counterpart. According to someone’s opinion, this game appeared in the USA in about 17th century and reached its peak popularity in the American casinos of the 18th century thanks to special bonus payments 10:1 for the combination of an ace and the jack of clubs or spades, which brought about the name Blackjack.

Today many casinos are ready to offer several kinds of blackjack and of cause a possibility to play blackjack online. The most popular one is the classic variation of the game. That is what you will find in our casino, as well.

Blackjack rules are quite simple, but the game strategy can be different and completely depends on the player, this makes blackjack strategy so attractive to many gambling lovers. The game played very quickly. Those who love adrenaline and do not like long, boring and over-complicated games will doubtlessly appreciate such dynamicity.

So, there are two participants in the game, the player and the dealer (the casino representative). In this kind of blackjack game, you can play up to 5 blackjack hands simultaneously against one dealer’s hand. First in a blackjack, you have to place a bet, after which the initial cards will be dealt: 2 for the player and 1 for the dealer. You can see the dealer's card and take their chances of winning into consideration. Then the player who play blackjack online decides whether he should take more cards or stop. At this stage, you have the opportunity to double your current bet, pass (take no more cards) or take 1 card or more. The winner is the one whose hand holds a score of 21 or the closest. If you score is over 21 after taking more cards, you will be bust and lose. There can also be a tie in the game, if the player and dealer have the same score and no one has a blackjack.

6 standard 52-card decks are used for the game. The cards ranked in the following way: 2 to 9 equal their nominal. Ten, jack, queen and king are 10 points. There is a special rule for the ace: it can be worth 1 or 10 points. At the same time, a combination of an ace with any other 10-point card is a so-called blackjack and always beats any other combination with the same number of points. Furthermore, it is only hand that paid from 3:2. Other winning combinations are paid 1:1. There are some way to develop blackjack strategy.

A lot depends on the cards you got in the first hand. For some situations, there are additional rules. They include the right for an insurance bet. If the dealer’s face-up card is an ace, the player offered the chance to make an insurance bet. An ace means that the dealer can get a blackjack after being dealt the second card and you will lose. In this case, the casino offers you to insure your hand in this deal the same thing does the casino when you play blackjack online. Insurance is an additional bet, which equals half the principal one and will let you reduce the expenses if you lose. Thus, if you agreed to insure your bet and lost because of the dealer getting a blackjack, you lose your main bet, but your insurance bet need to be paid at a rate of (2:1).

Another additional rule is the possibility to split the two cards you got during the first deal into two hands, with an additional bet. You can split if you have dealt two cards of the same rank. After splitting, you will automatically get one card for each split card. Then the player decides if they want to take more cards for each hand separately. At this stage, you can make the last split, if you get two equal cards again. After splitting, blackjack game there is no way to consider any special combination, being valued as an ordinary 21-point hand.

The main objective of the game is not to gain more points, but to try to beat the dealer, i.e. estimate their chances of winning in time and to proceed accordingly to succeed in online blackjack. The player can even win with 17 or 16 points, if the dealer goes bust. In this case, the dealer always stops taking cards with “soft” 17 points (i.e. with a combination where an ace is valued as 10 points). This means that sometimes it makes sense to stop with 18 or 19 points and not to risk busting by continuing to take cards.

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Author: Meyer Lansky
Date: 6 June 2013