Live Dragon Bonus Baccarat
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Baccarat is one of the most famous online casino games in the world. The live baccarat games offer an extremely authentic gambling experience as they do not feature random number generators. Instead, these games use decks which are shuffled and placed on a live baccarat table. The cards are captured live with the help of video cameras and streamed with the help of the internet to your personal computers or Smartphones. One of the best baccarat games is the Love Dragon Bonus Baccarat which allows players to wager Banker, Tie or Player bets. What’s more, the Banker bet pays money as well after deducting a 5% commission. The Tie bets offer a payout of 8 : 1. Generally, side bets in Baccarat can only be placed if players have wagered on the main game. However, when one plays the Live Dragon Bonus Baccarat, they can wager only on the Side bet if they wish to.

Before you proceed

The Dragon bonus bets are placed on the Banker hands or on the player hands. Irrespective of your choice, the payouts are identical. Remember that if the hand bet lies upon a natural and ties with the other hands, the bet pushes. What makes baccarat so interesting are the non natural hands. You can get a payout of 30 : 1 if the non natural hand wins by 9 points and a payout of 10 : 1 if the non natural hand wins by 8 points. If the non natural hand wins by 6 – 7 points, the payout is 4 : 1 and if it wins by 4 – 5 points, the payout is 2 : 1.

Special Features

There are a number of features which make the Live Dragon Bonus Baccarat so interesting. The Add Table option allows players to choose and play multiple live games at the same time. The Detach Video option offers players with a number of options such as enlarge to full screen modes or detach modes. Furthermore, the game is also available in browser play mode. However, chatting with the dealer and free play modes are missing from the Live Dragon Bonus Baccarat.

The Verdict

What makes the Live Dragon Bonus Baccarat special is that despite the fact that the Player and Banker hands offer identical payouts during the Player Dragon Bonus bet, they are not the same due to the fact that the chances of winning differ from one another. For example, the house edge is 9.4% for Banker bets and 2.7% for Player bets.