Deep Space Bingo
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Play bingo is a kind of play lottery online that is familiar to many people and incredibly popular all over the world. The first lottery, that became the ancestor of bingo, invented in Italy in the 16th century, and called Lo Gioco del Lotto d'Italia. Bingo games online are based on the ancient custom of voting - pulling out balls with numbers. Players who guessed the number receive a prize in offline and in internet bingo. Later a new kind of bingo appeared. It used a card with a set of random numbers that need to be covered as the same numbers were drawn. Having appeared in the U.S., the game was seen on a carnival by the toy merchant E. Lowe, who decided to start its mass production. Slightly changing the rules of the popular folk game and creating new and unique number cards, the merchant began publishing a game called "Bingo" in the 1930s. Since then, the game has gained immense popularity in the United States and its 'travels' to other countries have been no less successful, because bingo rules are easy and a gameplay is exciting. Today there are many varieties of bingo. Of course, modern online casinos could not ignore this exciting game of chance and it could be found quite often in many gaming services.

In our casino, this game is called Deep space Bingo. To play this type of bingo and try to get good winnings, the player just has to take a few simple steps: select the number of cards, set the size of bets on the card, cross their fingers for luck and press 'play'. You can choose up to 20 cards, which contain three 5-number rows of random numbers.

After the start of the game 30 random balls with numbers of 90 fallout from the drum in online bingo games. The winning numbers will be marked automatically on your card. You win if any of the cards contains one of the winning combinations. Types of combinations and payouts can be seen on the payout table at the top of the game screen. You will get the maximum payout at bingo if all of the 15 numbers located on a single card fall out simultaneously. The player allowed to play on the same card several times or to replace cards at will.

Bingo online game is a simple and fascinating game that has no complex rules, but gives you a good chance of winning. It is highly recommended to all lottery fans!